How to maintain and maintain the LED display in the conference room?

December 22, 2021
Latest company news about How to maintain and maintain the LED display in the conference room?

There are many reasons for the damage to the LED display in the actual application of the conference room LED display. It must be moisture-proof, anti-fouling, heat-exhausting, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-electric shock, animals, and on-time maintenance and inspection. Let me explain to you below. Take the usual maintenance precautions.


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Several modules cannot be continuously lit or are abnormal: check whether the wiring and power plug of the first module with abnormal data signal orientation are in good contact. If the led module cannot be lit, it means that there is no switch power input, and it can be switched. Power supply department or check with digital multimeter.


A single module fails to light up: first check whether the switching power supply of this module is good or not, then check whether the power plug of the module is loose, if all modules have color disorder and color inconsistency, because of the poor contact of the data signal transmission column , Pull and insert the column line again to replace the tested column line. If there is a problem when replacing a good strip cable line, you can check whether there is a problem with the connector on the PCB board.


The way to check whether the single lamp is not on: Use an instrument to check whether the LED display in the conference room is damaged. If the lamp is damaged, follow the fifth item below to replace the lamp. The actual lamp measurement method: use a digital multimeter in the resistor X1 section, connect the positive stage of the led to the black DC ammeter of the compass digital multimeter, and connect the negative stage to the red DC ammeter. If the led is on, the accurately measured lamp will do. If the lamp is on If it is not on, the light for accurate measurement is not very good.


Led under-maintenance (uncontrollable point): When determining the damage of the led in the single-lamp inspection, choose the following maintenance methods according to the specifics. Face maintenance: Use a matching screwdriver to remove the protective mask from the face. Replace the lamp with the protective mask. After the lamp is replaced and the colloidal solution is sealed, the original conference room LED display screen is restored. Tighten the screw for maintenance on the reverse side: use a screwdriver of the opposite model to unscrew the screw from the reverse side to unplug the data signal cable, unplug the power plug, and accidentally remove the module from the sheet metal hole, and move to the reverse side of the main chassis. Face maintenance method.